About us

Corporate power has massively increased in the last three decades. At the same time, government and state agency power have been restricted. We think it is time to rebalance power, to correct this wrong turn of neoliberal policies since the 1980s. Otherwise, we risk massive harm for society and democracy. During our conference, we have discussed jointly what has gone wrong in the past and how we can fix this. For that purpose, we analyse corporate power in its different dimensions and look at its consequences, both more generally and in specific sectors, from agriculture to tech, from finance to pharma.

We have come up with a new agenda to tackle corporate monopolies that will help shape the foundations for a decentralised new anti-monopoly movement in Europe inspired by what‘s been going on in the United States in recent years. We need to act now to rebalance power and to strengthen democracy and self-determination.

On May 12th and 13th we held a first conference in Berlin to initiative an anti-monopoly movement in Europe. This conference was organised by LobbyControl and Forum Environment & Development. It was funded by the Schoepflin Foundation. This website provides an overview and wants to keep track of our follow-up activisties.

If you would like to learn more on recent events and for example developments in the United States, please feel free to visit our blog.

ReBalancing Power was designed and organised by


Max Bank is a campaigner and reseacher at LobbyControl. He focuses on lobby and market power of Big Tech.

German NGO Forum on Environment and Development

Nelly Grotefendt is a policy advisor for international trade and world economy for the German NGO Forum on Environment and Development. She coordinates German and EU-wide networks and loves to bring people together.

Balanced Economy Project – formerly LobbyControl

Uli Müller is a co-founder of the NGO LobbyControl and researched influence strategies of corporations like Monsanto and dealt with the power of large digital corporations. In 2022, he has left the organization and is planning a new project on the monopolization of the economy. He will support the Balanced Economy Project as a network coordinator in the next months.